Slip DS selvedge for Brioche

Distitch gives a beautiful, even and firm selvedge. Full information about four varieties of Distitch selvedges for Garter stitch is given in the previous article.

Here I’ll introduce another three types of DS selvedge. Because of the nature of Brioche stitch, the selvedge technique is modified. Just a reminder: for Garter stitch we have closed and open chains of selvedge stitches, which are achieved by slipping the first stitch purlwise or through the back loop. But with Brioche stitch, slipping the first stitch through the back loop will not result in an open selvedge. To obtain this, the first stitch should be slipped through the back loop twice. Thus we have three types of selvedges for Brioche – twisted, closed and open.

Fringed Brioche scarf

The twisted type of DS selvedge chain is the tightest. The Fringed Brioche scarf featured this twisted selvedge, the free pattern for which is available on Ravelry. This squishy scarf is knitted with the soft merino yarn “Big wool” by Rowan. The choice of bulky yarn makes the scarf a quick enjoyable project that can be finished in 5-6 hours.

In my recent post about the Loop join (the new method of adding and joining yarn) I emphasised that it is essential for the scarf to have a clean finish, because both sides are visible. So, here is an example how the Loop join works. The new yarn is added with no tail to hide – there is no end, only the loop. Instructions how to work the loop can be found here.

The loop

The pattern included the instructional video of how to work the scarf and DS selvedge. Here is a very short video:

To create the selvedges with closed and open chains work the first stitch differently:

9 replies to Slip DS selvedge for Brioche
  1. Dear Assia, I purchased your book on I sincerely hope that you write more books and also produce some DVDs such as the ones I’ve purchased from in the past. I’ve watched a few of your YouTube videos which are very helpful. Your work is polished and very professional looking. It has a nice bespoke tailored look to it. If you produce more books and videos I’ll definitely be buying them. Joseph


    1. Dear Joseph,
      Thank you for your very kind words of appreciations of my work. It took me 6 years of intensive labour to create the Distitch book. At the moment, I’m not planing to publish other books. Although I have a lot of others interesting inventions and developments. I will release them one by one as they will be prepared to share.
      Assia Brill
      PS: I’d really appreciate your repeating these comments as a review on Amazon! Thank you.


      1. Dear Assia, I’ll definitely put these same comments on I’ll stay in touch. Warmest Regards, Joseph


    1. Hi Paula,
      Glad you like Distitch!
      I deliberately chose not to include sound on the videos: I think this makes it understandable in any language!
      Hope you find them useful nonetheless.


  2. Dear Assia, love your book and going through it right now to figure out how to use distitch with 2 color brioche.
    Any tips or videos?

    Thank you


    1. Dear Margaret,
      Unfortunately, there were no space in the book for the two-colour Brioche instructions and other important techniques, book was already quite big. But I teach two-colour Brioche during online courses for VKL. In the future, I’m planning to publish full instructions for this type of selvedges within the pattern on Ravelry.


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