Knitting without ends (and without tears!)

In my pursuit of perfection I’m always looking for the best solutions: for better looks, for the cleaner finishes and so on. I am often dissatisfied how the wrong side of the knitting looks, especially in multicoloured projects – knots, short ends of yarn and an uneven surface. However, recently I worked out the method to solve the problem. I called this method the loop join.

When the new colour yarn is started, instead of leaving a long tail to be dealt with later, I make a loop at the yarn end. This loop is used to make the first stitch. So there are no ends to hide, no ends – and no tears!

In Distitch there are few projects which worked with the loop join: BFL Trio with intarsia blocks, Distitch hats with stripes and Fringed scarf. For the scarfs it is essential to have clean finish because both sides are visible.

To learn how to make the loop and how to use it for multicoloured knitting, please read my new articles on website.