Distitch crochet

Distitch crochet replaces the chain found on conventional crochet stitch patterns with a Distitch chain.

The method for Distitch crocheting is pretty simple: before making any new stitch always pick up the previous stitch. There should always be two stitches on the hook before making the next one. The principle of the new stitch is shown on the most basic crochet stitch – chain stitch. Here is a video tutorial how to work chain DS.

Depending on the stitch pattern you may need a thicker hook for Distitch crochet. For Distitch chains or DS Slip stitch patterns, you need a hook with NR = 1.5 (Needle Ratio). For DS Double or Treble crochet (DS Single or Double crochet, USA), and all their variations, you work with the usual hook size NR = 1.0. If the tip of the hook is sharp, rather than blunt or round, this will make it much easier to pick up the previous stitch. However it can be worked with a blunt hook, just don’t crochet too tightly.

As mentioned previously, Distitch crochet is like conventional crochet with a Distitch chain instead of a conventional chain. This addition gives a decorative appearance to many familiar patterns, and makes your crochet stronger and warmer because of its denser structure.

Distitch crochet samples

The stunning ‘wheat ear’ appearance of Distitch can also be used to decorate a cast-on edge! Thus the new DS Chain cast-on was born. In fact, it also has a twin – the DS Chain bind-off .

Two-coloured chain DS is very decorative and fun to do. It also keeps its shape really well. Choose two contrasting coloured yarns and a hook with NR = 1.5. As with stranded knitting, always keep the two yarns in the same position behind your chain – A on the left, B on the right. Remember to work with the yarn of the same colour as the stitch you’ve just picked up.

The DS Chain cast-on uses a crochet hook to give a cast-on edge which is identical to the open DS selvedge and DS Chain bind-off ; these create a border that can wrap around corners, with all the properties of Distitch.

The DS Chain cast-on edge can decorate the edges of sleeves, and the hems of simple sweaters and cardigans, as well as hats, scarves, cowls, socks, mittens, plaids and so on! For more photographs of this cast-on see the Check Scarf and the Perfect Edge Coasters.

Perfect Edge Coasters

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