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Today’s endless supply of online information has fed my constant appetite for new techniques. Exploring and developing these techniques resulted in my creating many new stitch patterns. Then one day I came up with a whole new principle of knitting – Distitch (DS).

It is difficult to invent something original: there’s really nothing new under the sun! Indeed there are many “new” things, which were actually discovered long ago. Therefore I continue to search for traces of this technique in books and on the Internet.

My greatest wish was to share my discovery with the world! I started by writing an article, I made a few drawings and I knitted a few samples. Very soon it became clear that the volume of material is too big for one article. So I decided to write the book about the Distitch technique.

Book Distitch – A New Knitting Concept

Distitch characteristics and applications

The History of Distitch

Distitch structure

Slip DS selvedge

Slip DS selvedge for Brioche

Distitch Crochet