Distitch review in Knitting magazine

On 15 October 2019 my book Distitch was first launched. Coincidentally, this lovely review has just appeared in the very popular British magazine Knitting. I’m delighted that more and more knitting folk are getting to know about Distitch. More and more knitting designers are now including Distitch selvedges in their designs. If you’re considering using Distitch in your work please contact me first: I’m always happy to help.

During the last two years it was not easy to concentrate on the knitting: Covid upset everybody’s plans and lives. But we are now slowly recovering after all those months of quarantine. I have two new major developments on the way – new types of totally circular cables and a new type of singular symmetrical increase. At the moment I’m preparing the text, diagrams, photos and videos for Twincrease.

Please watch this space for more exciting news!