Hi Socks Secrets

Today I’m launching a new pattern on Ravelry. Hi Socks feature a completely new take on the subject of socks.

Like many knitting designers, I couldn’t escape the impulse to design another type of sock heel. Most existing designs give an approximate shape of the foot. Stretchy socks take on the shape of the foot and there is no need to repeat human shapes precisely. Although the knitted fabric is very elastic, it cannot be stretched indefinitely. Sometimes instep areas are deformed, overstretched or gathered. See the factory made socks with short rows heel below.

Compare new and worn socks by looking at deformed stretched star pattern

Hi Socks are designed to fit any shape of foot perfectly, and what is more, they are easy to knit. “How it is possible?” you may ask. “Is there a special secret?”

To find out, please read the new article. Hi Socks.