New method for Russian Grafting

There are few knitting terms defined as Russian: Russian bind-off, Russian join, Russian grafting. The last one is not widely familiar and used mainly to finish the borders on rectangular shawls. But this type of join deserves more attention. It is very decorative and surprisingly easy to execute. It can be used not only for shawls, but for many connecting seams, for example for shoulder seams or for sock toes, instead of Kitchener stitch. Make it uni-colour or two-colour, work conventionally or distitchwise, as on photo above.

I added a new tutorial for the new variation of this grafting: Symmetrical Russian Grafting.

By the way, the structure and appearance of this join is very similar to the Rick-Rack Rib stitch pattern, therefore it can be used (sparingly) in the projects which include this stitch pattern.